What’s Going On With Kurdish Independence?

The past few days, we’ve highlighted the Kurds—who they arewhat their region looks like, and what would stand in the way of their recent push for independence.

Here are some articles we’ve referenced to understand the different perspectives on what’s going on—and what might happen next.

The president called for a referendum—now what?

Push for Kurdish independence divides Iraqi Kurds
Kurds split between two political parties disagree on next steps.

In the Midst of Iraq’s Chaos, the Kurds Inch Towards Independence
Despite barriers within and without, the possibility of Kurdish statehood has never been so real.

Kurdish supporter waves flag AKRAM AL-BUNNI
Will Kurds take advantage of Iraq crisis to achieve nation?
The history and circumstances leading to the Kurds’ nationalistic dream.

Kurdish supporters FIRAS AL-ATRAQCHI
An independent Kurdistan? Yes, but not so fast
Kurdish independence is inevitable, but may be postponed due to the region’s hostile neighbors.

How are other countries responding?

Kurdish oil off the coast of Israel FEHIM TASTEKIN
Israel would welcome Kurdish state
Still waiting on Iran and Turkey, Kurdish independence recognized by Israel.

Kurdish chief of staff NAMO ABDULLA
Kurds Confident International Community Welcomes Their State
Kurdish president believes U.S., Turkey won’t resist Kurds’ independence.

Egypt's president, Abdel Fattah al-Sisi REUTERS
Egypt’s Sisi Says Independence for Iraq’s Kurds Would Be ‘Catastrophic’ 
Egypt fears breakup of Iraq would lead to greater power gains by ISIS.

Iraqi PM Nouri al-Miliki RUDAW
Maliki Rejects Kurdish Independence Vote, Territorial Expansion
Baghdad vows to send Iraqi military to control Kurdistan, declares Kurdish independence ‘unconstitutional’

Anything else we should know?

Barzani after meeting with Parliament JUMANA AL TAMIMI
Independence of Kurdistan will be a turning point in region’s modern history – analysts
Kurdish statehood may re-draw the entire Middle Eastern map.

Proposed maps of Kurdistan HAKAN OZOGLU
Lessons From the Idea, and Rejection, of Kurdistan 
A brief history of border conflicts, proposed maps of an independent Kurdistan.

The ‘Peshmerga’ Are Those Who Face Death
A glimpse into the lives of Kurdish fighters on the front lines.