What Would You Do If The World Was For You?

What if you lived in one of the most beautiful places on earth?

A place so beautiful and full of history that it was known for being the birthplace of civilization, the place where some say the Garden of Eden once was?

And what would you do if others came along and deliberately destroyed it all in the hopes that you would be destroyed in the process?

Right now, Remedy is taking place in a region of southern Iraq where they had to answer those questions. Southern Iraq was once the location of some of the largest and most magnificent wetlands in the world. Today, nearly all of those wetlands have been turned into one of the greatest and most devastating environmental disasters in history. 

Following the 1991 Gulf War, the Marsh Arabs, whose lives were literally built on the marshes, rose up and united with much of Iraq to overthrow Saddam Hussein in the hope of reclaiming their freedom. In response, Saddam blanketed the south with chemicalsland mines, and sent down engineers to drain and dam up the lifeline for the marshes. Saddam Hussein deliberately worked against the people of southern Iraq while the world looked on. 

What would you do if the world seemed to be against you? 

But what would you do if the world was for you? What if someone came alongside you and promised to work with you and for you instead of against you? 

Remedy gives us the chance to do exactly that. 

It gives us the opportunity to save the lives of thousands while raising up pediatric heart centers across Iraq.   It gives us the opportunity to love.  

Will you join us? Together, we can continue to come alongside the people of southern Iraq and show them the Remedy by helping provide their children with life-saving heart surgeries and train their local doctors and nurses. 

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