When you give aid it’s not a one-time thing.

It’s not dropping off a box of food and never come back.

It’s not helping start a business and not checking back in.

When you show up, you mean it for the long-haul. You’re there for the weeks, months, years it takes to see a family heal, rebuild, and come back home.

You’re there at prenatal appointments, at delivery, and every check-up after, so that babies can grow into healthy, strong kids. You’re there on the opening day of business, and in the weeks after, helping owners tweak their business plan for success. You’re there to deliver backpacks to asylum seekers, and to continue creating avenues of support and relief for those on the US-Mexico border.

Mothers and fathers, children, aunts and uncles, grandparents, they are ready to shake off the dust of mortars, to rise from the rubble. They just need a little help to start, something to take the weight of war off their shoulders so they can step out and step forward.

Continue to show up for those who need it most. Give now.