Why Fallujah Is Not “Lost” (Thanks To You)

The city of Fallujah continues to make headlines around the world as the Iraqi government, local tribes, and extremists struggle for authority in the region.

This week also marks the tenth anniversary of the US invasion of Fallujah—the military’s largest ground offensive since Vietnam.

You can find any number of pundits declaring the city ‘lost’ or ‘hopeless,’ but we know you know better. After serving hundreds of families, you’ve planted seeds in that city that are still growing, despite what’s raging around them.

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Now we need your help to continue serving these children. Many have fled Fallujah to the south of Iraq, where we have partner doctors who are ready to treat them. In fact, we just hired a new American nurse to help us serve more children and provide more training through our Remedy Fellowship program. If you refuse to give up on the children of Fallujah and their future, pleaseclick below to help us save more lives!