You Are Amazing—Thank You!

We're so thankful for you! And thanks to Madeline, Nora, and Lidia for the awesome note!

What a week! There are only so many hours in a day, and you packed them full! 

Making cupcakes for the kids’ Halloween parties, assembling costumes (including finding that tiny ‘Spiderman’ costume for the dog), negotiating treat consumption, unloading the dishwasher for the second time in one day, and looking under the couch for the library book that’s still missing and due tomorrow. And you even made time to send us a home-made thank you card!

Today, in the precious space you create before next week begins, you catch your breath. 

Life is full—full of kids and parents, work and play. It’s full of beauty, and humour, and too often injustice. But it is most definitely full.

Some days the world feels so big. Too tired to peer into news broadcasts, we are afraid the needs and the pain of the world might just swallow us whole. And yet the very moment we look–when let the world into our heart–it becomes impossibly small. The tiny boy we see, gazing hopefully from the news app on our phone, his fingers laced through the chain link fence of a refugee camp, looks just like our nephew when he’s ten-minutes-past-too-tired. 

Some days it all feels like too much.

And yet here you are, showing up and remaking your world. 

You come willing to open your life to families on the other side of the world desperate to see peace lived out among them.

You check in on Instagram while you’re still in bed in the morning, hair tumbled on the pillow and sleep in the corners of your eyes, to check in before launching into making breakfasts. You share Facebook posts, standing at the stove, slowly stirring dinner. You read tweets while you wait in line at the grocery store—passing up the chance to get current on tabloid gossip and instead choosing to engage with the world.

You are amazing!

You make space in your monthly budget to make sure that a family driven from their home by ISIS gets food just when they need it. You set aside a portion of the profits from your own small business to provide the Empowerment grant that allows a house full of widows to start a business of their own—to feed and clothe their kids. You rally your neighbours to save their recyclables, and in collecting and redeeming bottles and cans, provide the heart surgery that allows a child born with a broken heart to live.

We see you. And we want to make sure you hear this message—you are making a difference! We are so grateful that you continue to show up and love. Thank you for risking—for opening your heart.

Thank you!