You Made This Possible!

Over the past few weeks, many of you donated the lifesaving medical supplies we needed for Remedy Mission XIX. Some of you donated heart patches, and others packages of essential stitches and sutures like the ones pictured above.

Today is the fourth day of operations here on Remedy Mission XIX, and all of the lifesaving medical supplies you donated have been put to work saving the lives of seven children so far!

We still have a week of operations left and there’s no sign of slowing down.

You donated, you put lifesaving medical supplies in the hands of doctors here, and you made sure nothing stands in the way of these children and the lifesaving surgeries they need.

This is your impact.

To make sure that this lifesaving momentum doesn’t come to an end, take time to donate another heart patch or stitches today by clicking here.

Your donations make all the difference in Iraq.

Human heart. Click here to buy lifesaving medical supplies!

Our Partners: Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation