You’ve Forever Impacted 16 Children This Remedy…And We Still Have Two More Days To Go!

16 Children

That’s how many children you’ve impacted this Remedy! Thanks to YOU, Kautha’s recovering from her successful heart surgery. Her heart defect is a thing of the past. She’s passed through the ICU. Now she’s one hour closer to going home.

16 Families. That’s how many families you’ve forever changed! Kautha’s family has been able to rest and be at peace for the first time since before they were told Kautha had a serious congenital heart defect. She called you the “mercy of God”, because of what you did for them.

16 Stories. That’s how many stories you’ve rewritten! Now Kautha’s mother can smile and laugh when she talks about her hopes and dreams for Kautha. Her only hope until now has been for her daughter’s heart to be whole. Now that it’s whole…her hopes and dreams have returned. 

The best part is that there’s still TWO more days of Remedy left in southern Iraq! You’ve brought us this far, now help us finish strong by spreading the love by clicking the “share” button below to post this on your Facebook Profile and Twitter account! You’re a part of the Coalition, now invite others to join you and save lives and wage peace in Iraq! We love doing this with you! 

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