Yousef Is About To Get His Operation!

Remember the cutest cheeks—I mean boy—ever?

Yousef is headed to the cath lab, waiting for the doctors to look at his heart for possible defects. I fell in love with this little boy when I first met him, and we’re eager to find out the results of his test. The most incredible thing about Yousef’s situation—and the situation of many children in Fallujah—is that this is just a diagnostic cath. In other words, this won’t fix Yousef’s heart problem, it’s just a common procedure for discovering what is wrong with him. Without your giving and the skill of our team, Yousef wouldn’t even have the ability to find out what is wrong with him—much less get it fixed! Our dream of establishing a fully functional lifesaving heart center in Fallujah is in its infancy stages, but it all starts with teaching basic things like diagnostic caths. Thank you for going down this road with us and with the people of Fallujah!

A photo of Yousef being carried to the cath lab.

We’ll be back with more about adorable Yousef tomorrow, so stay tuned…

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