Yousef’s Cath A Success—He’s A Great Candidate For Surgery!

Yousef went in for his catheterization yesterday and the results are in: the blood pressure in his lungs is abnormally high. While that isn’t life-threatening, if it’s left unchecked, Yousef’s life could be on the line.

But there’s good news! Because we were able to catch the problem using the cath, Yousef is now a candidate for surgery so he can live a happy, healthy life!

I’m so humbled and happy to be saving lives in Fallujah. It has been my dream to help children here and now it’s coming true before my eyes, and it’s all thanks to your support (see below). We’re saving lives together, all across Iraq, and kids like Yousef will be forever changed.

Will you help us continue this lifesaving momentum? We’re buying medical supplies to prepare for our upcoming year of surgical training in Iraq, and we need your help! Donate below to help us mend kid’s hearts:

An image of a needle and thread stitching a heart. Our 85 suture kits are FULLY funded — Thank you for helping fund $765 worth of medical supplies! 

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