Zahraa Is Almost Able To Go Home!

A photo of Zahraa and her father waiting in their room at the hospital in Najaf, Iraq.

There are four major stages to a child’s trip through the hospital: Waiting in the ward, the operating room, the intensive care unit, and, lastly, back to the ward.

Thoughtful little Zahraa has been in that final stage of her hospital visit for nearly two days now, and, after a lot of hospital food and Tom & Jerry reruns, she’s really eager to go home.

But there are a few small tests that a child has to pass before they can go home. Here’s Zahraa’s score so far:

 – Off the oxygen tank and breathing on her own

 – Eating and drinking

 – Little to no pain

 – Up and walking around

X – Post-op echo screening

As you can see, Zahraa only needs to pass one more test before she and her daddy can go home, and the cardiologist plans to give her a final echo screening today.

If all goes well, she’ll be home within the next 24 hours—come back later today for an update on her progress!

A photo of sweet little Zahraa waiting in the children's ward of al-Sadr Teaching Hospital to go home.

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