Zahraa Is Recovering Beautifully!

A collage of photos showing Zahraa and her mother in the ICU.

You may remember that Zahraa was recently wheeled into the ICU after a successful surgery, but she and her mother won’t be there for long.

As the week progresses and more children are added to the ICU, parents who are willing (and emotionally able) to help care for their children are greatly appreciated.

Our partners, The International Children’s Heart Foundation (ICHF), typically have two nurses and an intensivist on duty per shift. That means there are three fully-trained staff in an ICU that sometimes has as many as six or seven children needing their care.

Of course, there are also local Iraqis who are receiving training and who can lighten the work load, but it’s still quite a load!

Zahraa’s mother helped alleviate some of this, and it’s allowing the nurses to provide better care. The best news, though, is they’re now saying that Zahraa will probably be the first child this mission to head up to the ward.

We’ll follow her up to celebrate with her family and to get to know them a little better soon. Stick with us…

Our Partners:
Living Light InternationalInternational Children's Heart Foundation