Carmel Goneau’s birthday fundraiser

Their Hurricane Harvey

Many of us have experienced disaster and we know that its not easy to get back up on your feet after everything was unexpectedly taken away from you. You go home and its not the same.

Then Preemptive Love showed up, I don’t just mean the organization, I mean the people. People decided to show up and help us get back on our feet and show us that we were not alone in the midst of the storm. So now lets help others going through their own disasters. The people of Iraq and Syria have endured years of disaster and now they are trying to get back up on their feet. Its time for us to show up with them.

This is why today I decided to give away my birthday to Preemptive Love, to show up on the frontlines and help people across the world get back up on their feet. Because I know how it feels, and its not easy. Join me in giving the gift of a second chance to someone you may not know, but can truly empathize with.

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