Invest in the Future of Refugee Kids

Give a gift that helps children rise again from the long-term wounds of war.

$25/month gives five children access to individual tutoring sessions this school year.

Refugee camp schools are overcrowded, with too few teachers and too many students.

Kids feel hopeless, overwhelmed trying to “catch up” in their schooling, traumatized by their wartime experience. And so they drop out.

Girls get married as children. Boys join armed groups out of desperation or work long hours to help provide for their families.

We can provide kids with normalcy, safety, therapy, and the chance to build a more peaceful future.

So kids can be kids. So they can become the next leaders—and choose peace over war.


The problem

Refugee kids’ whole lives have been disrupted and upended by bombs and bullets. Give kids the chance to go back to school in a therapeutic, individually-focused setting, where they are seen and valued and loved. 

The solution

Invest in the next generation so they have a choice outside of war and violence. So they can rise up to become leaders and peacemakers.