We Are the Hope-Bringers

Coping With COVID-19 Together

These are scary times.

But when fear is loud, our love is louder. We are the hope-bringers. All of us, together.

You do not have to go this alone. We see you. We are for you. We are with you.

We’re collecting resources to help navigate the coronavirus pandemic—to encourage you, to equip you to encourage others, and to stay connected with our vulnerable friends around the world.

For reliable information about the virus and how to protect yourself, visit the World Health Organization or Centers for Disease Control (US). If you’re feeling anxious or overwhelmed by what’s going on, our friends at TWLOHA can connect you with help.



Catch up on our latest podcast episodes to hear how coronavirus is affecting our refugee friends. You can also listen to an earlier episode on how to talk with your kids about hard things.


Know when to put the screen down, turn off the news, or log off Twitter. Do something to unplug. Get outside. Go for a walk, run, or hike. Breathe the fresh air. Play with your kids. We’re sharing this free coloring download you can use as a family, with conversation prompts.
Or order the full coloring book here.


We know it’s hard to think about helping others when the fear is real for all of us. But our refugee friends are among the most vulnerable—and there are easy ways you can help them now.

We’re rushing food to thousands of refugees locked down with no other way to eat. We’re providing medical care for families on the run from war, poverty, and disease in Syria and Venezuela.

If you can give even $5 a month, we’ll turn your generosity into food and medicine this month and jobs for every month after.

You can also buy refugee-made soap to show our friends they aren’t forgotten. Or wear your love to remind yourself and others (from a safe distance) what kind of people we can be when fear is loud.

Now through the end of April, for every bar of handmade soap you buy, we’ll give one to a refugee family to protect them from the spread of illness.