Our COVID-19 Response


We’re working to protect the most vulnerable from COVID-19. All our work is COVID-19 work, giving lifesaving relief and creating jobs that can withstand almost any upheaval.

Here’s how we can meet this crisis together.


  • We’re rushing food to thousands of refugees and communities locked down with no other way to eat.
  • We providing urgent medical care to families in Syria and on the Venezuela border, now facing the double threat of COVID-19.
  • We’re creating digital jobs that can be done anywhere—whether stuck at home by a virus or forced to flee by war.
  • Our CEO is cutting his pay to $0 to protect our investment in relief and jobs for our refugee friends, as well as our team of 100+ who make this work possible.

We will continue working to end war, to protect the vulnerable from the disease of violence, AND the disease of COVID-19.

Our work is NOT cancelled.

We’re getting pleas for 100,000+ quarantined refugees running out of food. Whole communities in Iraq are on military lockdown. We respond fast, often within hours. We’ve already provided lifesaving food for thousands, but the need is immense. $15 feeds a family for a week.

Our hospitals are still caring for those fleeing war and poverty in Syria and Venezuela. Our mobile clinics are reaching family with no other way of getting medical care. We’re working to keep our doctors and nurses supplied with protective equipment and adding hand washing stations to stop the spread of disease.

But we’re not just thinking about the immediate need. Millions of refugees had no way to provide for their families, even before the economy collapsed. We’re providing the jobs and tools people need to rebuild—whether after war or a global pandemic.

Our game-changing digital jobs platform allows refugees to work anywhere—confined at home because of a virus, or forced to flee because of violence. If they have a cell phone, we can get them working and earning for their families.

Our farmer friends in Syria and Mexico are continuing to plant and harvest, providing food and income.

Our refugee maker friends are continuing to work from home, making their beautiful, handcrafted soap, candles, and knits.

Our CEO is cutting his salary to zero.

Before we cut lifesaving emergency food and medicine, before we cut our game-changing jobs program—and before we cut any of our 100+ staff who make this work possible, our CEO and founder Jeremy Courtney is cutting his salary to $0.

We don’t want to forfeit the future just to survive. Above all else, we are prioritizing the people we serve and our ability to continue impacting their lives.

We’re investing instead of pulling back.

All our work is COVID-19 work. We know how to help vulnerable families. We know how to create jobs that are resilient to economic upheaval, quarantines, and displacement. We know how to help families rebuild after war—and how to stop the next war from happening.

This is no time to pull back in fear of what the future might hold. This is the time to fight for the future we know is possible.

We are not going anywhere. Our work is more vital than ever.

But we can’t do it without you. The best way to help our vulnerable friends is to give monthly. Even $5 a month will give food now and jobs the next month, and every month after.

Please give today.