Want to end war?

Create jobs for

Young people in the Middle East face an impossible choice: a life of poverty or a life of war. Militias and terror groups prey on this desperation.

The way to end violence is to give young people a better choice…

Provide skills they need to find better work, without leaving home. Create high-demand tech jobs they can do with a smartphone and a signal.

The world has spent billions on war. It doesn’t work.

Invest in something that does: income, opportunity, and jobs for the next generation.

$50 puts a smartphone in the hands of a student to earn income from anywhere.

$1,500 enables one young person in Iraq to join a tech hub where they’ll gain high-demand skills and coaching so they can immediately start working in the tech sector.

Invest what you’re able in a monthly gift toward peace.

The problem

Young people in Iraq have few good ways to earn a steady wage—often with no other choices but poverty or life in a militia.  

The solution

Create hundreds of tech jobs—for young people with few opportunities, refugees, and people with disabilities—and disrupt the cycle of violence with meaningful work.

  • 2 in 3 are working or continuing their education within a few months of completing their training.
  • More than half of these working entrepreneurs make more than the average salary in Iraq.
  • Nearly half our student entrepreneurs are women.