The politicians are wrong.

It IS a crisis.

Help now at the Mexico border.

Hundreds arriving at the border each day. Nothing to eat. The threat of disease growing by the minute.

These are real people—our friends—running for their lives. The situation is so dire, the Mexican government asked us to help.

You can provide food, diapers, and lifesaving essentials now for those fleeing violence. We’re on the ground at both ends of the border crisis—on the US-Mexico border and on the border with Guatemala, where many families begin their perilous journey.

We need your help. Feeding them. Protecting them.

Join our community of peacemakers, and give lifesaving help to families on the run.

Border Crisis Explained

Hundreds of families arrive each day at the US-Mexico border—some having just made the dangerous journey north, some after they are turned away from other checkpoints that are currently closed. Shelters are well over capacity. After weeks on the run from violence, families have nothing to eat. They’re at greater risk of disease.

The Biden administration does not want to call this a crisis, but that’s exactly what it is for our friends at the border.

These families need food. They need hygiene supplies to protect them from disease. They need diapers and other essentials for their babies.

You can help. Give today to stand with our friends fleeing violence.

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