Donor-Advised Funds

giving made easier

What Is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is like a bank account for your charitable giving. It’s one of the easiest ways to give and grow what you have to give.

Why Give to Preemptive Love

We help fast with lifesaving relief—food, medicine, shelter—on the frontlines of conflict. We create jobs that can withstand any disruption. We build community between groups at odds with each other, and we dig in and stay until refugees and vulnerable families have what they need to flourish.

How It Works

  1. You contribute funds to your DAF.
  2. You decide how they’re invested.
  3. You grant funds to the charities of your choice.

Contributions are tax-deductible, and your investment grows tax-free.

Three Ways to Give

  1. Make an outright gift by designating a grant to Preemptive Love.
  2. Designate Preemptive Love to receive all or part of your fund’s value at termination. 
  3. Designate a monthly grant, if your DAF allows you.
Use this info when you designate a grant:
  • Legal name: Preemptive Love Coalition
  • Tax ID: 26-2450109
  • Address: 1300 Darbyton Drive, Hewitt, TX 76643

When you give, please let us know so we can thank you personally. 

If your financial institution isn’t listed above, select from the options below or contact us for help.

Don’t Have a Donor Advised Fund?

Start one today to make charitable giving easier and enjoy immediate tax benefits. 

Choose a financial institution, community foundation, or charity with a DAF program to establish your fund. Most funds require a minimum starting contribution from $5,000 to $25,000. You can make your initial contribution of cash or appreciated assets like stocks or mutual funds.

If you need help setting up your donor advised fund, contact us, or speak to your financial advisor.