Join #DuluthStrong

#DuluthStrong is an interfaith response to repairing and rebuilding Houston.

We are a united community of Christians, Muslims, and Jews, of different politics and different ethnicities, standing together. We have the chance to build relationships, healing and more community as we do this alongside of each other instead of apart.

We are a united community of people from different churches, politics and ethnicities standing together. Publicly moving towards each other, even as the news tells us to fear each other or remain on our own sides of the divides.

Let’s refuse to be a city full of strangers instead of Neighbors, just because we worship in different buildings.

Join #DuluthStrong as we rewrite the national stories of division and fear by choosing to locally cross the street and support Houston as a Duluth Interfaith Community.

$2,581 of $10,000 goal