Running for Peace

On the 14th of April I will be running my first full marathon. When I first heard about Preemptive Love I was in complete awe. This organisation brings emergency relief to the frontlines of war-torn countries like Syria and Iraq. They work in the midst of conflict and provide lifesaving food, water, medical care as close to the front lines as possible, so that people don’t have to brave bombs or bullets in order to care for their families. Last year they served over 2.2 million people living in the most polarising conflict zones on the planet.

While 42.2 km seems impossible, I know that it’s nothing compared to the hardships faced every single day by the people that Preemptive Love Coalition serves. I have been following the journey of this organisation for almost 2 years now and would be honoured to play a small part in bringing relief to families in war zones.

$279 of $1,000 goal