Thank you!

Thank you for hosting our Faces of Hope exhibit! We are so excited for you to get to know the incredible and resilient refugee families you’ve been helping in Iraq and Syria.

Below is everything you need to print and display the exhibit.

Download ZIP

There are 10 images, each with a printable story caption about the people in the photo. Feel free to download and print all ten images and stories or select whichever ones work in your space.

There is also a sign with information about the exhibit and our organization. Please print and display that sign near the start of the exhibit so people understand what the gallery is about.


  • Print these images as canvas prints. Not only will it simplify the process, it will save money by eliminating the need for expensive frames and mats. Many places offer very affordable canvas prints. (Costco, Shutterfly, or Blurb are all good options.) However, if none of these options work for you, framing the images will also work fine.
  • Print the photos no smaller than 11×14 and no larger than 24×36.
  • Print the captions and signage on plain white cardstock and mount them on the wall next to their corresponding image with museum putty or double-sided tape. You can also frame the captions and hang them if you prefer.

Please do not upload or use these images online in any way without express written permission from Preemptive Love Coalition.