How It Works:

  • Invite people—those that you love, those who are different from you, and yes, even those you don’t yet know. Send details to your guests.  
  • Get a game plan for the night. If you are in your home, pick a main dish to serve. (Your guests can bring sides, drinks, desserts, etc.)
  • Follow up with your guests.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who should I invite?

Anyone and everyone, but we encourage you and your friends to reach out one or two circles beyond your usual. Unity through diversity will heal our divisions, not more time with the people we already know and understand.

How many people should I invite?

The more the merrier! But, we think the ideal number is 7-10 people. Big enough
to have a great time, but still small enough to feel personal.

Where should I host my Love Anyway Feast?

We believe the best place is in the places that you live. Living rooms and dining room tables make great spaces for meaningful conversations. But, we also know that’s not possible for some. So, we suggest you find a coffee shop, restaurant, church, mosque, synagogue or even a community center that allows food, great conversation, and has the ability to show a cool video we have for you at the end of the Feast.

What should the night look like?

Once you sign up we’ll provide you with a Feast Host Guide to download! We also have a detailed agenda​. Feel free to tweak it with what feels right to you.

Will we have conversation topics?

The Love Anyway Feast is meant to help us know and enjoy each other outside of the confines of polarizing topics so we can build trust before going deeper. Topics should include “tell me about yourself” more than “what is the biggest problem with our culture is today?” Here’s a ​conversation starter sheet​ that may help.

What food should I cook/serve?

We have a few recipes from friends all over the world to get you started here. But we think it could be cool for you as the host, to create the main potluck dish and invite your guests to bring a side dish or drink of their choice! 

Can I just invite some friends to meet up at a restaurant?

Yes! Love Anyway is about crossing the lines that divide us. We prefer you have a quiet place with a good screen and sound where you can show a 5-10-minute film at the end of your feast, and at least a few people that you don’t know.

Are there tools to help me?

Yes, once you sign up to be a host we’ll provide you with a Feast Host Guide.


Can I host my Love Anyway Feast on a different night than Nov 3?

Sure! We totally get that schedules change and can be crazy. We’d love for everyone to do it in community and build momentum on this one day, but there’s no bad time to love anyway. Have a different date in mind? Email us at​ so that we can help!

Will Preemptive Love help me get my Love Anyway Feast off the ground?

We’re always in for helping in any way we can. Our team has come together and created a system of support and direction at your fingertips to help make this a success! Read through the Feast Host Guide, visit ​, and as always, feel free to shoot us an email at ​​.

Can I host a Love Anyway Feast in a public or community space? If so, how do I secure a venue?

Yes! Securing a venue may be easier than you think. We believe every yes starts with a conversation.

Can I host a Love Anyway Feast in my house?

For sure! As a matter of fact, we already have groups gathering monthly in their living rooms starting the conversation around what it looks like to love anyway right now. You can be the next co-host of a monthly gathering. It’s easy—start ​here​.

What if I don’t know very many people who are different from me?

We get that and we all have to start somewhere. Finding and engaging with people that are different from you can be really intimidating, but also very rewarding. Differences don’t only have to be on the surface. There may be someone you know that practices a different type of faith than you, votes differently than you, has a different family dynamic than you and the list goes on. We want to encourage you to think past the obvious and lean into the less-obvious. And remember, it’s totally fine to start with a few! Also, check out some sample invitation verbiage we created for you.


How do I screen the video? Any recommendations for audio and video equipment to give the best experience?

We created a special Feast Closer video for every feast and we would love if you showed it to your guests at the end of the night. We have a pretty cool digital team and they’ve made it available to play on any device (computer, phone, laptop or your SmartTV). Make sure you test it before your feast night!

Can I host more than one feast? How?

Absolutely! We have monthly gatherings of hosts that are starting conversations around healing all that’s tearing us apart. You can be the next co-host of a monthly gathering. It’s easy—start ​here​.

How do I help others start a monthly Love Anyway Gathering?

Once you become a co-host of a gathering, the Love Anyway team will set you up with continual training that includes topics such as having effective conversations, recruitment and training, leading through conflict, and helping others to start a gathering!

Do I have to commit to being a monthly co-host for Love Anyway Gatherings in order to host a feast?



How do I contact you all?

We did it. We feasted, shared our hearts, and listened to each other. We began to heal all that’s tearing us apart. 

Don’t stop now. Here are a few next steps you can take to continue building peace.

  1. Rewatch the feast closer video.
  2. Join a Love Anyway Gathering or start your own! 
  3. Post your pictures on social media and make sure to use the tags #loveanywayfeast #loveanyway 
  4. Stay in touch! Change can happen in a moment, but healing takes time.