COVID-19: Refugees Running Out of Food

Syrian refugees in Iraq are in lockdown. COVID-19 is making it harder than ever to get the food they need.

Friends digging through trash for something to eat. Parents begging someone to take their children because they cannot feed them. 

We’ve gotten urgent pleas for 100,000+ running out of food.

We’re ready to go. We are fast in a crisis. But we need you.

$15 feeds a family for a week. Please give.

If you can give monthly, at any amount, we’ll turn your gift into food this month and jobs the next month—and every month after.

More info

  • The coronavirus pandemic has forced Syrian refugees into quarantine. Parents can’t work or buy food.
  • Refugees are among the most vulnerable, with limited access to medical care or food. If the virus spreads here, it will be catastrophic.
  • More than 100,000 refugees are in danger of running out of food.
  • At present, we’re the only aid organization in Iraq responding to the urgent food needs of these families.
  • We are delivering prepackaged food door to door, so no one has to leave their home.

Please give today. If you can give monthly, even $5 a month will ensure our ability to keep responding with relief as this crisis deepens.