They fled home and war.

Now they are returning to nothing—but you can help.

Thousands of families are returning to their homes in Iraq.

Not because their homes are ready to return to. Not because their communities are safe again. Not because basic services like food and water are suddenly available again.

They’re returning home because they have no other choice.

Because it’s no longer safe where they were sheltering.

In recent weeks, upheaval has returned to Iraq with a vengeance. Protests have engulfed much of the country. There are rumors of ISIS cells regrouping in former strongholds.

For those caught in the middle, there is no place like home—but there is no home that is safe yet.

You can help.

We are rushing a month’s supply of food to 1,000 returning families.

This food is a vital lifeline to help them make a new start. To show that you are with them—and will continue to stand with them, even as much of the world turns its back on Iraq.

Help us raise $37,000 by Sunday night to get food in the hands of families who need it most.

$37 can provide a month’s worth of food for one family and for those who calculate every bite, your gift will make a lifetime of difference.

Please give now.