The cycle of violence MUST stop.

Save kids’ lives in Gaza now.

Gaza and Israel erupt in violence again.

For the average 13-year-old in Gaza, this is the fourth war they have lived through. Gazan children have never known life not under a blockade. 

You can give to a hospital in Gaza fighting for the lives of kids under 5 with:

  • Immediate trauma care for wounds from fires and bombs
  • Nutrition plans for dangerously malnourished kids
  • Trauma counseling for the nightmares that keep children up at night

You can be there every step of the way.

Give a 1x gift to show up with fast medical care today. Become a member of our community of peacemakers, and your monthly gift will provide nutrition and psychosocial support for the long road ahead for these little ones.

Let your love go to the hard places. Donate now.