Photo: Douma Media Center
Syria Crisis

Help Ghouta Families Survive

Tens of thousands of people are pouring out of eastern Ghouta, forced to flee as bombs rain down on the Damascus suburb.

They are running hurt, scared, hungry, and cold. We must meet them.

The mobile clinic you helped send to the frontlines has already treated over 10,000 people. But the need is overwhelming.

Help us provide urgent medical care for another 60,000 people on the run from war, along with other lifesaving help.

Give today—and help displaced Ghouta families survive.

$16 provides hygiene kits for two families.
$35 provides lifesaving medicine for 10 people.
$100 provides emergency nutrition for 75 families.
$225 provides keeps our mobile medical clinic going for a day.

Additional donations beyond the cost of the emergency aid for Ghouta families will be used where needed most in Syria.


From March 12-20, the medical team you’re supporting on the frontlines has treated over 10,000 people for war-related injuries and illnesses. For many of these families, it’s the first medical care they’ve received in months—or years.

In addition, you’ve provided 1,000 hygiene kits protecting families from disease, as well as clothing for hundreds of adults and children, and diapers for 500 infants.

As of March 21, we are expanding our response to provide urgent medical care for an additional 60,000 people, along with emergency nutrition bars for 10,000 children.