$8 can feed a child for a month.

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Lack of food is one of the biggest reasons people flee during conflict. We bring relief as close to the frontlines as possible, meeting families where they are with long-lasting food packs, cooking kits, and emergency kitchens that can feed thousands every day.

$8 can feed a child for a month.

Provide a share of a long-lasting food pack for one child and her family who are trapped by war.

$60 can feed a whole family for a month.

Each food pack contains long-lasting staples like flour, rice, lentils, tomato sauce, cooking oil, milk, and more.

$325 can provide cooking kits for 5 families.

Portable stoves and other kitchen essentials help prevent families from going hungry, even after losing everything to war.

$6,000 can run our emergency kitchen in Syria for a day.

Our emergency feeding centers in Syria feed up to 30,000 people every day, providing nutritious, cooked meals for those on the run from war.