Be a visionary peacemaker.

Join Preemptive Love’s giving circle.

Preemptive Love exists to end war. Our giving circle is a guild of visionary peacemakers who think and give like long-term investors. Members make a 3-year commitment to give annually, supporting our work at the highest level.

Your three-year commitment:

Stack of boxes stabilizing


Stabilizes our work in a world where causes are in the news one day and gone the next.

Animation of hearts connecting in a network


Enables us to grow and innovate, revolutionizing the way our refugee friends work, and reinventing the way relief is delivered to those on the frontlines.

Animation of seed growing into tree


Allows us to recruit others, compounding your investment, so we can have more impact over the long haul.

Join today.

To create a world where everyone rises.

Because the way things are is not the way things have to be.