We mobilize to create a world without violence

Through fifteen years of listening and learning on the front lines of conflict, we’ve been countering the effects of violence every day. When we open female-owned businesses in southern Iraq and plant trees in a sustainable community farm next to a refugee camp, we show that violence doesn’t have the last word. We do.

Your generosity has made our work possible. With every pound of corn harvested from farmland in Venezuela, every Lebanese home rebuilt post-blast, every elderly Syrian given essential medical care at our mobile clinic – because of you, we get to share in this work together. 

But realities are staggering. And violence can ignite before, during, and after conflict.

The UN estimates that half of the entire Afghan population suffers from acute hunger; 5,000 are becoming refugees, fleeing to Iran or Pakistan daily. 

In Lebanon, most families’ entire monthly income can only buy a weeks’ worth of groceries due to runaway inflation.

Our migrant friends on the southern Mexican border need food, water, and safe places to rest while our migrant friends on the northern Mexico border need baby supplies, food, and support in their shelters.

Having survived ISIS, our displaced friends living in Iraqi refugee camps need livelihoods so they can take care of their families in the wake of COVID-19. 

We see the need and we’re responding. We’re bringing food relief, hygiene kits, baby supplies, and medical care to those on the frontlines while supporting local economies.

  • We’re implementing quick-start education initiatives to improve literacy and we’re rebuilding homes so families displaced by violence can reunite. 
  • We’re offering tech education and job skills training for the modern labor market and creating livelihoods so our friends who have lost so much can sustain, grow, and prosper.
  • And, we’re heading off the next conflict before it starts by strengthening the ties that hold communities together.

As a community of peacemakers, we refuse to accept the status quo of violence as the way things have to be. Will you join us?

Your support has long-lasting impacts to stop the spread of violence. We will use it where it is needed most, but some examples include: