Jonathan & Cayce’s Wedding

In thinking about our wedding, we’ve opted not to do a registry: we have, quite simply, all we need to start our marriage together. Your presence at our wedding if you can make it, or in our lives, is worth far more to us than anything else. 

But as we begin the rest of our lives, we are thinking a lot about our friends in places trying to rebuild their lives. Our friends in Syria, our friends in Iraq, our friends on the US/Mexico border, and our friends in Venezuela. It hits especially close to home as several Syrian friends can’t join us at our wedding due to the difficulties of obtaining a visa; many others we wish could celebrate with us remain in refugee camps impossible to escape. 

Yet far beyond our little wedding day, we believe in a better and more beautiful world for all other couples or families who have found themselves in the crossfires of conflict, trapped in a refugee camp, or forced to the U.S./ Mexico border. In lieu of gifts, we’d welcome you joining us with an investment in their lives. 

Preemptive Love is on the frontlines of some of the world’s toughest conflict zones, and also happens to be where Cayce is privileged to work each day.