Yes! You’re here. Let’s launch her business.

I’m so thankful you’re in this work with us. Let’s do this thing. It takes $750 to launch her business. Give $15–or even $5 so Nawras can feed her children and remake her home.

I would love to say hello and tell you more about Nawras! Or feel free to keep scrolling to read more about her family.

To recap: Nawras’s husband was killed by terrorists. And she lost her home to violence. Then, she was forced to flee to a refugee camp and has been living there with thousands of other refugees since 2015.

My teammates Ashley, Inas, and Charlene met with Nawras in a refugee camp as they often do.

They sat down with her—listening to her fears as a mother, problems in a refugee camp, and dreams of finding a way to provide for her family. Just because the war has calmed down does not mean her problems stop.

Nawras shared she needs food for her family now. This business will not be a side-hustle, it will be a lifeline to care for her children. Did I mention–she’s also supporting extended family members too?
Today, you can launch her business. By lifting up Nawras–you’re meeting immediate needs like food for her children. And you’re also creating a future where Nawras’s confidence is restored and where she can raise her children in a more secure environment.

Stand with Nawras and her little ones! You and I may not be able to sit on the floor of her tent in the refugee camp, but we can all cheer on Nawras and launch her business.

100% of funds given to this campaign will go toward Nawras’s business, and anything raised over her grant will go to our job creation fund which directly benefits people in Iraq and Syria like her.