We’re thrilled you’re showing Love Anyway to your friends, family, faith community, and neighbors! If you’re feeling a little stuck on an agenda for the night, here’s some ideas our team is using at our own screenings. 

Supply Check-List:

  • A camera/phone for taking photos and videos of the night
  • A working way to show the film (TV, projector, speakers)
  • A special message from Jeremy Courtney to play after the film (check out the Film Debrief section for details!)
  • Food. What’s a movie without proper movie snacks? Stick to your classic favorites. Order in pizza. Or better yet–order in food from a local immigrant run restaurants in your area to support businesses and get your guests trying something new. Or try your hand at making Syrian food with our recipes
  • Seating.  For churches and larger venues, you probably have this space set. For hosting with friends in smaller events! Get creative. Make a cozy atmosphere with chairs, couches, and cushions, where everyone can feel welcome and focused for the film! 

Set up 6 PM

  • Set up a movie viewing space and an eating space.
  • Test the film. Make sure your visual and audio is good to go.
  • Play some music in the background for people as they arrive. Check out our Love Anyway playlist or groove to your own. 
  • Prep your food and utensils for your guests. 

Guest Welcome 6:45 PM

  • For bigger events, have greeters at the door and have someone lead the conversation on stage. 
  • For your friends and family, just give them a hug or a high five! Let them know you love them and are happy to see them.
  • Invite people to grab the popcorn or try Syrian food–or food from a locally run immigrant business! 

Film Intro 7 PM 

  • Call all of your guests into one place. Tell them why you support Preemptive Love and why you’re excited to show the film! Tell one of your favorite stories from our blog to intro the work you make possible. Looking for a good way to start the conversation? Here’s a script. 

Thank you all for coming tonight. I am so excited to introduce you to Preemptive Love. They’ve put together a movie called Love Anyway. It features narrator Kristen Bell and Preemptive Love founders Jessica and Jeremy Courtney. Tonight, you’ll see the story of one family who moved to a war zone and learned how we can heal all that’s tearing us apart.

We’re more connected, yet more divided than ever. We label ourselves and each other to decide who’s in and who’s out.

But this kind of division leads to war. Hopefully, this movie will both encourage and challenge us to heal what’s tearing us apart here [in your city]. 

Play the Film 7:10-7:45 


Film Debrief

  • After watching the film, it can be a really heavy and emotional moment for people in the room. You’re probably thinking, how do I follow that, right? 
  • First, we have an incredible transitional video from CEO and founder Jeremy Courtney, and you can show this special message to your audience–whether it’s you and your family in the living room or hundreds in a theatre or church!
  • Next, if you feel comfortable, facilitate some discussion. Here are some good question starters.
    • What is tearing us apart in our community? 
    • 10 years from now, what do you imagine will be good in our world (will we be living on Mars? Have cures for diseases?), our community. What will be bad (war, division, the environment?) Give space for the good and the bad, and encourage your guests to really let their imaginations run and think about the future. Point them back to what we can be doing now, to work to make our community, country and world a better place in the next decade, half a century, and for our grandkids kids.
    • What’s the one thing you can do tomorrow to take the first step in healing something where we live? 
    • What does love anyway look like for you?
    • Do you want to meet again, on Nov. 3 for a feast or host your own? 
  • At the end of the film, there is a call to action for people to give monthly. Tell your friends gathered to check out loveanyway.com/give and look at the love anyway website. We understand some people at your event may have never heard of Preemptive Love before this moment. A monthly gift could be a big jump! But some people will be excited to get started today. Let them know they can check out our work on our website and ask our engagement team questions there! We are always happy to chat and introduce people to what we do.

Wrap Up 

  • On behalf of the Preemptive Love team, thank them for giving up their time to watch a film that we think could be the start of healing in our communities. 
  • If you didn’t already bring this up in the discussion ask your guests if anyone would like to join a feast and meet again on Nov. 3! 
  • Encourage people to grab more food, stay and mingle!
  • Make sure you send all of the wonderful photos and videos you take from your event to brooklyn.penn@preemptivelove.org and tag us on socials @preemptivelove!