Stephanie’s Birthday Fundraiser!

 I first heard about Preemptive Love at a Hillsong Conference. Jeremy Courtney was there to share about the organization and its mission. 

Preemptive love is a wonderful community of peacemakers, who bravely go right into conflict zones to reach people who need our help and care. It’s very inspiring to see people risking everything for other people in war all over the world. I want to be a part of it because we all need healing and we all need each other.

It would be the best birthday gift and would make me very happy if you’d be willing to support Preemptive Love by contributing to my fundraiser. Together we can change the world. Together we can make peace, not war. Together we can end violence. Every prayer, every dollar, every good thought and the smallest action can make a big difference.

$214 of $1,150 goal