Families are fleeing in Syria.

Here’s how you can help.

This could be the last chance for thousands in Idlib. Help us meet them now.

Military forces have just opened an escape route in Idlib, allowing families to flee before what could be the next major battle in Syria’s 10-year war. For thousands, it may be their only chance to leave. 

We are on the ground in Idlib, ready to meet them with urgent food and medical care. But we need you. Give today to help families on the run.

What’s Happening:

  • Some four million people are trapped here in Idlib, many of whom were forced to flee multiple times during the war.
  • The opening of an escape route, or humanitarian corridor, could mean an increase in bombing—or, in some cases, even chemical attacks.
  • We’re operating a mobile clinic and ambulance inside Idlib, and we’re ready to meet families trying to escape.
  • We will provide urgent, ready-to-eat food and medical care for those fleeing Idlib.

Give now to help those on the run. When you give monthly, you ensure families get the help they need—for as long as they need it.