Imagine if we could do more than feed a refugee for a day.

Imagine if we could feed them for a lifetime—by giving them what they need to rebuild their own lives. Make your tax-deductible, year-end gift today.

we could build the more beautiful world in 2018. In Syria. Iraq. North Korea. Where we live. For refugees. For survivors of war. For us all.

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Imagine if you could secure a child’s future...

Malak stumbled into the desert during the war with ISIS—and into our hearts. Her parents were dead, her home destroyed. She lives with her grandmother in a makeshift house shared by 20 people. “I won’t be around forever. I hope to see her future secure.” Malak’s grandmother dares to imagine a better future for her. That future can become reality with your help.

Meet Malak

“Malak lost her parents. I won’t be around forever. I hope to see her future secure.”

Malak’s grandmother

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Imagine if we lived liked we belong to each other.

Dr. Mustafa fled his home because of war. Now at a makeshift camp called Dream City, he serves others who were forced to run like him. In clinics across Iraq, local doctors mend wounds, deliver babies, and protect the vulnerable from disease. These people aren’t just patients. They’re family. You can help doctors like Mustafa mend the wounds of war.

Meet the Dream City doctors

“I don’t want to waste my life on money. I just want to waste it on something useful.”

Dr. Mustafa

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Imagine if your love reached the forsaken places.

She didn’t have time to grab her favorite doll. War was closing in on her home in Syria. Shama’s whole family piled onto a single motorbike and braved death for a chance to escape ISIS. Their only shelter was an empty shed. The war in Syria can be overwhelming—but sometimes all we need is a “first face” like Shama’s to put it into perspective.

Meet Shama

Most displaced families in Iraq and Syria lived like you or me before they fled: neighbors, holidays, cereal aisles, traditions, homes.

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Imagine if war wasn't the end of her story.

As the bomb fell, Khalida threw herself over her children. The airstrike took her home… and her leg. But Khalida is fierce. As they rushed her to the hospital, she held the tourniquet herself. She’ll never let go of her dream to return home, open her own shop, and provide for her family. This is how we turn imagination into reality.

See her story

“I will send my kids to school. I will see them grow up. All of me is for them.”


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