When a woman rises,

she lifts everyone around her.

This International Women’s Day, help refugee women rise.

Whenever there is conflict or crisis, women shoulder the heaviest burden. But refugee women are not victims—they are a force.

Women are more likely to use what they have to help others rise from the ashes of war. When you remake home for one woman, you do so for a whole community.

That’s why more than half of the refugee small business grants we provide go to women, and why more than half of the students at WorkWell, our refugee tech hub, are women. Women who fled ISIS, whose husbands died, who’ve become the breadwinners of their families—often skipping meals so their children can eat or go to school.

Because when a woman rises, she lifts everyone around her, not just herself.

This International Women’s Day, invest in the women who are investing in their communities in Iraq and Syria. Give today to provide tech jobs for refugee women, or to help another woman start her own business, so she and her loved ones can thrive right where they are.

Give $15 toward tech training and realtime work opportunities for women who survived war. 

Give $25 toward startup funding, supplies, and personal coaching to help a refugee woman start her own business.