Jess Cheung birthday Fundraiser

Let Hope Rise, Darkness Tremble

This year for my 28th birthday I have decided to do something more meaningful. I have been very blessed by God and I thank God everyday for that. I live in a safe first-world country, I have loving friends and family, I have a job and a career which I am passionate about and I have life.

I can go to sleep every night, not having to worry that I may not wake up tomorrow.

I can go out onto the street, not having to worry that I may get bombed or killed.

Unfortunately, there are many people currently in the warzones that don’t get to have this peace that many of us have.

PLC is an organisation that shows up with emergency relief – food, water, medical care and more for families on the frontlines of war in Syria and Iraq. Recognising that emergency relief is not sufficient to help these victims to get back onto their feet, PLC stays, long after the immediately crisis has passed, to help refugees to start small businesses, so they can provide for their families and rebuild their lives, without having to depend on handouts.

What stood out for me with PLC is the passion of the founders, Jeremy and Jessica Courtney. Together, they founded PLC after moving to Iraq in the middle of the Iraq war. Not only are they helping out the war victims, they are putting themselves out there at the frontlines, where all the war actions are happening. I was lucky enough to hear Jeremy share his experience during the Hillsong Colour Conference 2018
in Sydney. We can’t help everybody, but there is more we can do.

It doesn’t matter the religion, belief, gender or age of who the injured people and victims of the war are, we LOVE ANYWAY.
Real love doesn’t discriminate.

So using my birthday as a opportunity, my goal is to raise $2,400 AUD in donations from friends, family and colleagues, so we can become a monthly sponsor of $150 USD per month, for one year to help rebuild lives in Syria and Iraq.

Give war-torn families what they need for today – and for many, many tomorrows.
What is life, without hope?

This $2,400 will help to bring hope, to the helpless.

“And when the cameras are all packed up and the world moves on, we’ll stay—fueled by your love as we stand together with displaced families putting the pieces of their lives back together.”

$551 of $2,400 goal