Jessica Courtney

chief program officer & Founder

Jessica Courtney founded Preemptive Love in 2007 with her husband Jeremy. After years working directly with individuals on the frontlines to better each others’ lives, today she oversees a team of nearly one hundred men and women working to end war around the world as Preemptive Love’s Chief Program Officer.

Jessica’s passion for fairness and justice has always propelled her toward the broken, forgotten people of the world—and it’s what led her to move her family to Iraq in the middle of a war. From the earliest days, when Preemptive Love gave lifesaving care to children with birth defects, Jessica stood with families through every step—serving as translator, advocate, and guide.

As Preemptive Love expanded its work to end war, Jessica continued leading the way forward. In 2016, she launched Preemptive Love’s Sisterhood Collective, helping refugees become business owners and bringing their handmade soap, candles, and more to the global market. The next year, she launched a tech company inside Preemptive Love, which revolutionizes the ways refugees work. Today, people who have lost everything to war are able to stand on their own and provide sustainable income for their families.

Jessica has an ability to see beyond the way things are. To see possibility where others see only devastation. To see promise and potential where others see only obstacles and fear. She has leveraged this ability to affect transformation in the lives of thousands in war-torn communities.

Today, Jessica lives in Iraq with her husband and two children.