Welcome! We’re so excited that you are running with us to benefit COVID-19 efforts. This global pandemic has created extremely difficult situations for people of all demographics; all around the world. A lot of us are going through a difficult time or transition because of COVID-19, but there are also many underprivileged individuals and communities struggling to access basic needs. In order to give back, we have created a safe, virtual 5k/10k race event where pandemic relief donations will serve as registration fees.The race & sign-up details are below!


1. Donate any amount to any COVID-19 relief effort of your choice to become an eligible runner.
a) If you need an idea, we suggest donating to Preemptive Love on this page. More details about Preemptive Love’s mission can be found on this site. It will also serve as a partial fundraiser tracker. Make sure you add your amount donated to the registration survey so that we can keep a cumulative tracker on total donations fund-raised.
b) If you would like to donate to any other COVID support cause, you are more than welcome to, and doing so will still allow you to participate. HOWEVER, please still make sure you add your amount donated to the registration form so that we can keep a cumulative tracker on total donations fund-raised.

2. Complete the form questions below. This is where you will choose to register for either a 5k or 10k race


3. Runners will need to complete their race at their own convenience beginning SATURDAY, MAY 9th and ending MONDAY, MAY 11th. Within those dates, choose your own start time, location, & route for your own virtual race.

a) Download Nike Run Club from the app store.
b) Open the app and create an account (if you have not already).
c) On the main run page, enter the correct distance for whichever race you chose: 5k or a 6k. Enter 3.1 miles if you signed up for the 5k and 6.2 miles if you signed up for the 10k.
d) Plan a safe route and time to complete your race within the event dates: 12am May 9th – 11:59pm May 11th.
e) Click Start and begin your race. Nike Run Club will begin tracking your route, pace, and overall time, & elevation gain. NRC will give you live updates while you race. It will also notify you once you’ve completed your 5k or 10k distance.
PLEASE CONTINUE TO FOLLOW ALL RECOMMENDED GUIDELINES FROM THE CDC AND YOUR LOCAL GOVERNMENT. This is a just-for-fun, no-pressure, style race, so please practice proper safety for you and others.


5. A COMPLETED RACE FORM will be sent out. Runners will need to enter in their race info and a screenshot of their completed NRC run. We will compile everyone’s race data and announce winners the following Tuesday or Wednesday, May 12th/13th. Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd for both the 5k and 10k races! If you have anything you would be able to donate as prizes, please reach out to Joel or Rachel to discuss – contact info below.

6. Total fundraiser amounts will be announced shortly after the races conclude on the event’s Facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/283115442706902/. Also you can follow Joel and Rachel on Instagram for updates – see contact information below.

Joel Phillips: phone: 317-605-2125; email: joelgphillips@gmail.com; Instagram: @joelgwop
Rachel Phillips: phone: 317-498-0181; email: r7phillips@yahoo.com ; Instagram: @rach_phillips_

LINK TO SHARE THIS EVENT SURVEY: https://forms.gle/dgYNz5mGm78Doq3MA
LINK TO FACEBOOK GROUP: https://www.facebook.com/groups/283115442706902

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$1,070 of $500 goal