You can help fast with relief to stop the spread of war—food, shelter, medicine on the frontlines.
You can give help that lasts to protect the vulnerable from war—jobs, income, opportunity.
You help heal the past to change the ideas that lead to war—building bridges with each other, even with our enemies.

Hi there! My name is Kristin, and I’m joining Preemptive Love in their mission to bring peace to war-torn areas. As we enter a new decade, I want to help share Preemptive Love’s vision: to end war, together. We can all work together to build an impactful peacemaking community and provide life-saving relief.

There are countless communities all around the world that are suffering due to war and conflict. But instead of giving into fear, we can step forward to bring love, hope, and empowerment to those that need it the most.

$30 – one winter survival set of clothing
$100 – Medicine for a mobile clinic for a day
$25 monthly – provides a safe space for refugee kids to play and learn
$100 monthly – provides tech training and digital jobs for refugees for a year

Will you join me and Preemptive Love in pursuing peace as we enter into the new year? If you are interested in seeing more about how we can help end war, here’s a short video from Preemptive Love:

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