Move for Peace

Join our global community of peacemakers and Move for Peace.

1 in every 95 people has fled their home because of violence, conflict, or oppression. In Latin America, hundreds of thousands of families walk up to 3,000 miles or more for a chance at safety and a way out of desperate poverty. In the Middle East, Syrian and Iraqi families who lost their homes to civil war have lived in refugee camps for over ten years.

Around the world, violence steals homes and livelihoods. It robs families of sons and daughters. Children are hungry. Neighborhoods decimated. Vulnerable people are marginalized, threatened, and assaulted. 

This September, we invite you to Move for Peace. As a global community, we will move, sweat, and walk together to reach 100,000 miles and raise $500,000. 

To stop the spread of violence in Iraq, Syria, Latin America, and around the world will take all of us, helping all of us rise together. 

Walking, running, biking, swimming, gardening, yoga, and more—together, our movement will reshape our world. With every step, every action, we rally together with friends, family, our local community, and our global brothers and sisters to wage peace.