Hi there! My name is Lauren, and I’m joining Preemptive Love in helping families that are forced to flee their homes in Northern Syria. Thousands of Syrian families have been displaced due to the continuous conflict between Turkey and Syria.

Preemptive Love is in on the ground with urgent medical care and food. Although they are continuing to provide for the families in need, the number of displaced families who need food is enormous. Preemptive Love is one of the few organizations still responding, and I decided to help them deliver more food to those in Syria.

Donating $40 will help provide a family of 6 emergency food for an entire week. Will you join me and Preemptive Love in providing these families with a sense of hope and love?

If you’re interested in finding out more about the crisis in Syria, here are some helpful blog posts and podcast episodes by Preemptive Love:

Crisis in NE Syria (And the Ceasefire That Wasn’t)

Permanent Ceasefire in Northern Syria is Not What it Seems

Inside Syria’s “ISIS Camp”

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