Our mission at Preemptive Love is to stop the spread of violence. To do this, we invite you to choose to wage peace on the frontlines of where you live.

Wars don’t start when the first bomb drops, the first tank rolls into town, or the first bullet flies. Violence doesn’t begin with the first punch or racist words. Instead, it starts in our hearts and minds. We’ve chosen violence when we dehumanize, demonize, “other,” or hate people. We’ve forgotten that we belong to each other.

Join us on April 4 and learn how to take action and stop the spread of violence in your community. This four-week workshop will equip you with the following tools:

  •  Explore how to listen across lines of difference by practicing empathetic listening.
  •  Press into pain by apologizing and bridge-building.
  •  Seek understanding by acknowledging a person’s dignity.
  •  Be a peacemaker in your community by loving anyway.

Join us for one hour, once a week, for four weeks.

Workshops begin April 4. Register today.

Meet our incredible workshop cohosts:

Nicholas Rea

Driven by the deep desire to heal all that is tearing us apart, Nick earned a bachelor’s degree in English Education and served as a peacemaker in his Central Florida community through teaching at the high school. He now holds a master’s degree in Conflict Analysis & Dispute Resolution with a focus in restorative justice, and he brings his heart, story, and studies to not only the Preemptive Love team, but all who wish to wage peace on the frontlines of where they live.

Saadia Qureshi

After graduating as an Environmental Engineer, Saadia worked for the government to ensure compliance of landfills and power generation facilities. She took a pause to raise her family and volunteer for several non-profits, ultimately discovering herself by being an active, responsible citizen in her hometown of Oviedo, Florida. Saadia believes meaningful friendships can be found in unexpected places. Her work to show neighbors how similar we are regardless of ethnic or religious differences led her to Preemptive Love. As a Gathering Coordinator, Saadia hopes to spread this message to communities nationwide.