US-Mexico Border

You’re bringing opportunity.

Refugees at the US-Mexico border can’t go forward. They can’t go back.

Immigration policies are constantly shifting. Refugees are stuck, often waiting months or years with nowhere to go.

You can give immediate help in shelters in  Juárez, Mexico, providing food and infant kits so families can eat.

And you can create opportunity for the future, providing the training and coaching parents need to secure jobs, through a mobile tech hub going shelter to shelter, open the door to a digital marketplace. 

You can ensure refugees can work and earn, no matter where they live.

Give now to provide refuge. Become a member and give monthly—to revolutionize work for our refugees friends.

We’re here at these in-between spaces—the border between Venezuela and Colombia, the southern Mexico border, and the US-Mexico border.

MExico Southern Border

The southernmost Mexican state of Chiapas has become the most dangerous part of the asylum seeker’s journey. Give kids under 5 hygiene kits.

The journey for migrants and refugees is long. Everyone needs a break sometimes. Photo by Haniel Lopez / Preemptive Love.

9 in 10 Venezuelans are hungry. Because fuel is so scarce in Venezuela, we distribute food by wheelbarrow and foot. Give a food pack and protect families from disease.


Moms and kids are fleeing Venezuela by the hundreds everyday with nothing but the clothes on their back. Give a hygiene kit and protect families from disease.