Mexico’s Southern Border

The most dangerous part of a refugee’s journey.

Thousands are living on the streets.

Shelters are overcrowded.

Refugees are waiting up to 6 months for permission to travel to Northern Mexico. Constantly changing immigration policies make it impossible for families to ever reach safety.

You can meet families while they’re waiting.

Your monthly gift provides kids under 5 with survival kits full of hygiene products including:

  • Diapers, wipes, rash cream
  • Milk powder and baby bottles
  • Shampoo and soap

Give today—and help families on the run from violence. Become a member (or give 1x) to save lives now.

We’re here at these in-between spaces—the border between Venezuela and Colombia, the southern Mexico border, and the US-Mexico border.


9 in 10 Venezuelans are hungry. Because fuel is so scarce in Venezuela, we distribute food by wheelbarrow and foot. Give a food pack and protect families from disease.


Moms and kids are fleeing Venezuela by the hundreds everyday with nothing but the clothes on their back. Give a hygiene kit and protect families from disease.