Morgan’s Birthday Fundraiser!

I would love for people to consider giving to this incredible organization because this is what we need more of in the world: choosing love over violence; empathy over judgment; forgiveness over revenge, and peace over bitterness. This organization is at the front lines helping rebuild communities with powerful actions of peace, which I believe is the much more difficult, road less traveled way of going about things.

I want to start being a part of the solution, and not adding to discord or unfruitful conversations, or selfish motives. I hope you can join me in walking alongside this organization and believing also in what they are doing as much as I do.

Grateful for you,


If you need more information about Preemptive Love, here are some great resources!

Impact of Community
Love Anyway Film
Preemptive Love named a top COVID-19 responder by Charity Navigator

$0 of $5,000 goal