Jobs for refugees in Mexico


Hi there! I’m Muffie and I am joining Preemptive Love in providing refugee asylum seekers at the US-Mexico border with job opportunities. They can’t go forward. They can’t go back. They can’t even leave their shelters to find work. So Preemptive Love is bringing opportunity to them.

This #GivingTuesday, we can help launch a mobile tech bus that will create jobs for dozens of refugees every day, right where they are. They’ll gain vital tech skills and a chance to work. They’ll also get virtual legal advice, and their children will have a safe place to play and learn while they work.

$30 =training & work for a day

$50 = 2 weeks of curriculum & materials

$100 = desks & chairs made by migrants

Will you join me this #GivingTuesday to provide refugee asylum seekers with job opportunities and give their families a sense of hope?

If you’re interested in seeing more about these families on the border, here is a quick message from Preemptive Love:


$52 of $500 goal