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The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the most intractable geopolitical disputes of our time.

Both Jewish families, who’ve endured wave after wave of persecution, and Palestinian families, many of whom have lived here for centuries, feel a deep, unbreakable connection to this land.   

The wounds of war cannot be mended in a moment. But we are working with Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs, to take one small step toward peace at a time.

Dollmaker Sahar Nabil grew up on the West Bank but now lives in Jaffa, Israel. She has been sewing these cute dolls for six years, and each one takes about a day and a half to create. The work is relaxing and provides spending money for Sahar.

Preemptive Love in Israel-Palestine

In the earliest days of Preemptive Love, we partnered with Israeli doctors to save the lives of Iraqi children, despite the fact that the two countries are long-standing enemies. 

Today, we work with a co-op of Israeli and Arab women who make Peace Dolls as a source of income and a means of forging community with each other. We’re providing job education for Israeli-Palestinian women. Because when people work together toward a common future, peace is possible, even in the hardest conflicts. 

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