Our Work


We create jobs that can withstand upheaval, violence, or quarantine.

Digital jobs that can be done anywhere. Businesses that can flourish from a refugee’s tent. Because when people have the jobs they need, the risk of violence fades.

Jobs are the most powerful weapon against war.

The more families earn, the harder it is for violence to spread. Small businesses help whole communities bounce back from war. They can even stop the next war from happening—by strengthening households, giving young men another choice besides fighting, and giving everyone hope for the future.

Jobs to withstand anything.

Our tech hubs equip people to work from anywhere—whether trapped at home by a virus or forced to flee because of war. We’ve started thousands of refugee-owned businesses, so they can work right where they are, using skills they already have: making soap, knitting, and more.

Each new job, each new business, has a ripple effect—transforming an entire community.

We treat people as partners, not victims.

Refugees and war-torn families have what they need to flourish. They are more than just victims. They are resilient and resourceful. We help them start new businesses so they don’t have to flee, and so they don’t have to rely on handouts.

Jobs at a glance
Jan – Dec 2021

369 people supported by agriculture projects
166 makers earned income from their products
569 new businesses started
894 tech workers trained

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