Our Work


We help fast—with food, medicine, and shelter for families trapped by war.

Help today.

The crisis in Venezuela and the rapid spread of COVID-19 are making it impossible for families to buy food. Some families go three days with nothing to eat.

You can help. Just $15 feeds a family for a week.

War in Syria has devastated whole communities. People travel hours in search of medicine for their loved ones.

You can help. Provide life-saving care for war-torn families.

The explosion in Beirut destroyed thousands of homes.

You can help. Give food for recovering families and repair homes damaged by the blast. 

Food to survive. Medicine to protect kids from disease. Shelter to keep families safe. Give now.

How We’re Different

We serve on the frontlines.

We show up fast with relief, as close to the frontlines as possible. We rely on private money over political money, so we can respond to urgent needs within days or hours, instead of weeks or months.

We give families what they need to hold on and hold out—so they can stay at home instead of having to flee.

We think long-term, while meeting urgent needs.

There’s no reason short-term aid can’t have lasting impact, if done well. We partner with displaced families, making them part of the solution. We employ local teams to deliver aid. We hire local doctors to staff clinics.

We source aid as locally as possible.

We don’t import food, clothing, or other relief. We invest as close to the crisis as possible, because it’s faster, safer, more cost-effective, and benefits more people by boosting the local economy.